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VDO Biotech


VDO Biotech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to innovative microsphere technologies and the production of a variety of high-quality microsphere products for global customers. Committed to R&D and innovation, they hold 6 authorized patents and 17 pending patents, and have successfully acquired high-tech enterprise certification.

Led by senior scientists from world-renowned universities, VDO's microsphere scientific team has established an advanced technology platform and a continuously innovative R&D system. VDO-Biotech has always adhered to high standards of production management, and their manufacturing facilities have acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification. VDO Biotech’s portfolio covers magnetic microspheres, latex microspheres, colored microspheres, fluorescent microspheres, flow cytometry microspheres, standard microspheres, and microsphere-related services, which can be widely used in molecular diagnosis and immunodiagnosis. VDO has been endorsed by users all over the world for their high-quality products and services and they are constantly creating new legends of core suppliers in the IVD field with higher-quality nano-microsphere products.

VDO Biotech is deeply engaged in the large-scale microsphere production and application for in vitro diagnostics. They not only provide microspheres of uniform and controllable particle size, nano-sized & micro-sized microspheres with high quality and a variety of surface functional groups, but also provide customized services of various types of microspheres, large-scale microsphere conjugation services with antibodies or nucleic acid probes, OEM services for microspheres and intermediates, and complete solutions for microsphere applications.

With the mission of making biological diagnosis more accurate, VDO will continue to move forward, innovate constantly, and strive to become the world's leading supplier of biological diagnostic microspheres. Their dedicated staff is a reliable partner for the solution of any microsphere-related applications!

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