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tissueclick“Leading the way in the research and production of 3D cell culture solutions”

Who are they?
Tissue Click has a young, innovative, research-led company that designs, develops and creates novel solutions to tissue culture limitations to meet your research needs.

What is Tissue Click’s mission?
Tissue Click’s mission is to provide bespoke products that allow our customers to fully exploit the in-vitro culture of cells in applications related to regenerative medicine, diseases such as cancer and diabetes, in-vitro drug screening and for incorporation into bioinks.

What is different about their products?
• Tissue Click PhenoDrive products promote the formation of 3D cell spheroids from 2D culture systems without need for gels.
• PhenoDrives are animal component free and are provided as lyophilised powders that are easily reconstituted and incorporated into your existing protocols.
• PhenoDrives are a range of fully synthetic, biomimetic materials to provide simple, single step solutions to promote your cell culture models and preserve phenotype through mimicry of the extracellular matrix.
• Nanosperse allows the simple dispersal of nanoparticles for individual testing and study

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