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Starter Bio


STARTER Bio is a professional IVD core materials provider. STARTER Bio’s recombinant proteins, antibodies and other materials have been applied widely in the world. STARTER Bio is dedicated to developing and delivering highly competitive antibodies and proteins for IVD assay development and research applications. With extensive knowledge on core materials development and in-vitro diagnostic assays development, The company's core team has been deeply engaged in antibody research and development for nearly 20 years.
Their products cover many fields, including infectious diseases, tumor biomarkers, cardiac markers, inflammation biomarkers and hormone markers. Those products are applied extensively in top IVD manufacturers in China, US, Japan, EU and other areas.

With the mission of accelerating the diagnosis of human and animal diseases and escorting human and animal health, the company is based on solid science and technology, adhering to the values of integrity and honesty, guided by the needs of industry customers, and is willing to cooperate sincerely with fraternity around the world, Open a new chapter in health.

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