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Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals


Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals is a global leader in high-tech biotechnology, specializing in innovative biologics R&Dand services. Sanyou integrated 4C model - "differentiated CRO, integrated CDO, innovative CPO and characteristic CRS” bridges research and manufacturing, simplifying the discovery of groundbreaking biologics worldwide. 

Sanyou has nearly 300 skilled professionals in drug development and industrialization. They have a fully equipped 20,000 square meters integrated lab and three industry-leading innovative technology platforms - “super-trillion, integration, and intelligence", and can offer customizable service to support client needs. Sanyou is committed to refining their proprietary platform and introducing upgraded services and technologies. With over 1000 global collaborations, Sanyou continues to actively collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, drug R&D institutions and diagnostics companies, cultivating a collaborative growth ecosystem and a thriving community with clients and partners. / 

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