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novoproteinNovoprotein Scientific Inc. (Novoprotein) is a high-tech enterprise with more than 10 years of extensive experience in the recombinant protein industry, focusing on protein technology, and advanced in R&D, production, sales, and application solutions to raw materials and techniques for biopharmaceuticals, in vitro diagnosis, mRNA vaccines, and basic life science research. Their principal products include target proteins and cytokines, recombinant antibodies, molecular enzymes and reagents, as well as providing related technical services. Novoprotein possesses R&D and manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Heze. Novoprotein has developed more than ten thousand of recombinant proteins and has independently researched and developed 7 comprehensive technology platforms and 23 core technologies, including protein design and modification, protein production, quality control, protein application and evaluation. Novoprotein provides downstream customers with one-stop services from product development to technological innovation on the basis of a comprehensive technology system and in-house innovative raw materials. They are the current market leader in China in terms of mRNA raw enzymes and reagents, with the advanced large-scale production capacity of mRNA raw enzymes and product quality for a worldwide customer base

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