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iCell Bioscience

icellbioscienceiCell Bioscience Inc.(iCell) has been a recognized premier global biological materials resource and standards organization focusing on acquisition, authentication, production and preservation of high-quality human and animal primary cells, Cell lines and other cell biology products. iCell also provides CRO services and customized options to support your custom biological needs.
iCell possesses the largest and most complete primary cell bank and cell line bank in China. They have isolated and purified more than 800 types of primary cells and possess more than 400 types of cell lines from a wide range of species. The total number of cells used for scientific research from their cell bank is more than 15,000 vials. iCell’s cell biology products and custom services support life science and drug discovery and development. Over the years, iCell has become the leader in innovative research and development of primary cells and iPS cells in China. With the distinctive advantages of their original and creative technology in the biological and biomedical field, iCell has established good collaborative relationships with more than 1,000

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