GeneVerify has assembled a highly talented team of molecular biologists, cell biologists, pathologists, biochemists, urologists, surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, physicians and surgeons that will address the gene based diagnosis and treatment of various solid tumors.
Cancer is a highly complex disease caused by a set of protein coding genes and non-coding genes and thus analyses of these genes are the best methods for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, risk assessment and treatment follow up. Targeting these genes through highly innovative technologies are the best ways for the treatment of various cancers. These are the most powerful research technologies that can save the lives of millions of cancer patients.
GeneVerify Inc. is developing reagents for research based in vitro assays for analysis of a set of these genes in various cancers using real-time PCR technology. GeneVerify is also developing novel technologies to target these genes that will provide the most effective and highly specific treatment for various cancers.

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Prostate Cancer Genes Kit PCG-1991

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25 Tests in one kit with 360 reactions