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ELK Biotechnology

elk biotechnology

ELK biotechnology is a high-tech biological company focusing on the development and production of immune products and molecular biology products.
Their products cover around 8.000+ ELISA kits, 11.000+ antibodies, and multiple kinds of genome extraction reagents, molecular biology reagents and cell experiment related products.
ELK Biotechnology is involved in immunochemistry, tumor research, neurobiology, cell cycle, signal transduction among other fields.
Their products have strict R&D and quality inspection processes, for this reason each product has complete R&D, production and quality inspection records.

While developing, ELK Biotechnology always implements the concept of environmental protection in their production processes, and always takes scientific development and environmental protection as their company's mission. In line with the belief of providing scientists with the most cutting-edge and most cost-effective research tools, ELK Biotechnology will continue to devote themselves to providing high-quality scientific research products for scientific researchers and contributing to the development of human life sciences.

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