DL Develop


DLDevelop is a manufacturer of biological reagents for life science, headquartered in the scenic area beside the Taihu Lake. Founded in 1998, their company began business as an OEM service provider of ELISA kits across the world. In 2013, They launched their own brand, DLDevelop. DLDevelop specializes in manufacturing ELISA kits and their products have been distributed to the continents of Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe and America. DLDevelop holds the tenet: “Quality first, Customer first”


GA International

vivantisVivantis is a research-based biotechnology company incorporated in 2002. We specialize in the production of Restriction Enzymes, DNA extraction kits, DNA amplification reagents and other related products for molecular biology research. Our products stem from research done in-house to provide integrated solutions to life science researchers world wide. We ensure a constant stream of pioneering innovations from our experienced scientists in our R & D team. This includes kits for molecular biology applications, recombinant enzymes, improved protein stains, markers and ladders.


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